Through Her Daughters Eyes on Father’s Day
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Through Her Daughters Eyes on Father’s Day

I wonder, does June 21st make you remember her?

Do you wake up and wish to share this day with your daughter?

Do you feel a void when you see advertisements and commercials about celebrating this day?

When real Father’s discuss their anticipation of being showered with gifts and love, do you yearn for this feeling also?

I wonder, leading up to this day and afterward do you care to know if she is alive, happy, or has everything she needs?

Every day she wonders where you are and why you chose to go away.

On this day do you treat it as any other, where you don’t even acknowledge that she exist?

Or don’t you remember that you part of the reason that she is here?

She ponders on these questions because they are too hard for me to answer.

She wants to hear your voice, see your face, and embrace you with a hug. She desires for you to be her Father not just her dad.

June 21st is especially hard for her, although, she does have Father figures in her life, it’s not the same as having the presence of her earthly Father who is alive and well and chooses not to be a part of her life.

During this month she tries to ignore commercials and advertisements that remind her again that you are absent. And I secretly try to shield her from them because it brings sorrow to her face.

Celebrating Father’s Day is an honor that she wants to share with you, so that she could shower you with gifts on this day and love throughout the year.

But instead, as other children prepare to celebrate their Fathers’ on this day she is somber and sad.

When others ask her what she got for you, she fights back her tears in silence.

If she chose to speak, she would say that she is healthy and happy and that her mom is awesome, and she misses her dad and she wants him to know.

Your daughter is the reason you should be allowed to celebrate this day, but you are not allowed to because you are not a Father you are just a dad. And there is no such thing as dad’s day. Dads don’t deserve the right to celebrate because they cause emptiness and pain.

She didn’t ask to be here and she didn’t tell you to go away. That is a choice that you made.

She is our daughter. We created her, but I am the only one who can see through her eyes. I see love and forgiveness that is clouded by disappointment and unanswered questions.

Do you realize how much you are hurting her? Or do you even care?

She wishes you were there, she wishes that you cared.

And she is not sharing gifts on Father’s Day, but rather I see heartache and pain through our daughter’s eyes.

  • Annette Morrison
    Posted at 23:05h, 16 August Reply

    Was interested and good writing.

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  • A. Renee Mack
    Posted at 22:03h, 13 January Reply

    Thank you for your comments and for taking time to read my blog. I share so others can grow from my experience.

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