The Real
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The Real

Love is not a difficult course. True love is not complicated. It is easy to love and to feel loved, if it is true. False love presents itself as an afterthought. When you mate begins to call you less and less, begins an irregular dating schedule, or show expressions of love that seem like an obligation, this is false love. The villain of this false love equation provides what seems like relevant excuses but in the end that is all it is an excuse. The attention you once enjoyed so much becomes so distant to you that you forget that you are even in a relationship. This is a result of false love. It doesn’t happen automatically. In the beginning you both spent so much time together it seemed that time stood still. Just like high school sweethearts who become a married couple, you share countless moments on the phone, go everywhere together, and when you are apart it seems like eternity. Quality time spent is evidence of true love. The openness, finishing each other’s sentences, and smiling just because you were called and told that you were loved. True love.

Then slowly, the calls decrease, conversations become closed ended questions, and you might go on a date if you insist. Single sensors alarm. False love. Real love doesn’t have to beg and prod. Real love doesn’t have to ask for an explanation on the reason you were not called the night before. Real love doesn’t offer up lame excuses for being treated as an afterthought. The real.


1 Corinthians 13

Actions speak louder than words. True love is felt when you are together and apart. True love travels the distance over the airwaves through telephone conversations and little nothings. True love is shown even when you are not on date night. True love equals affection and does not require intimacy as a dating couple. Ture love can be seen in one’s face by only observing a photo. True love is bold and is not shunned. True love boosts without an introduction. If you are told that you are love but never shown then false love is what you have.

False love can be solved. It takes honesty and communication. It requires examination of when true love was taken away from the relationship. The solution to fix false love must be balanced with steps to fix problems that presented its division from true love. After the discovery of what was incorrect in the problem, then the truth must prevail. If true love was erased and cannot be retrieved then false love needs to be exposed so that your mate is not left confused. True love cannot be in love with itself, it must have someone to reciprocate it to and it ultimately must be reciprocated.

The real dominator is love equals love and leads to true love. False love plus true love equals no love. Be real with your mate, if you are no longer in love then let it be known so that the quest for true love can continue.

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