Love, Basketball and Marriage
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Love, Basketball and Marriage

There is a such thing as a dating game according to the Urban Dictionary. Although, its definition did not describe my dating life. On the other hand, engageaversary isn’t a word, at least not according to the Webster Dictionary. Yet, I am glad my dating season ended when I became engaged.  One year ago,  my husband proposed and that is a moment to celebrate. If it wasn’t for the proposal I would have never entered the marriage -game of life.

Replaying memories from that night, I don’t think I have ever been so happy, nervous, and excited at the same time before. Days after the announcement of our Team name change from “Mommy and Manni” to Team Murray received mixed comments from the sidelines when we finally announced our wedding date.


“I’m so happy for you.”

“Why ya’ll getting married so fast?”                     

“Are you pregnant?”

“What’s the rush?”


We accepted the points on congratulations and filed the other comments as out of bounds. We both knew our life strategy included each other, so why delay our union? This season, we are embarking on our one-year anniversary we are still madly in love with each other. We are glad that we did not prolong our engagement.

In preparation of one day getting married, I often asked married women for their playbook on marriage. The constant answer I received was “marriage is hard work.” I felt these wives missed the mark in telling me how good marriage is and how happy they were. As a single woman it seemed like they were trying to block my dream of being a wife someday. Little did I know that were actually preparing me for the championship game.

Marriage is the only championship of life where you get the ring first then you are required to put in the “hard work.” I rejected all assists when it was offered to me as a single woman. But, today after nine months of walking in the shoes of a wife, I know what it means to put in hard work.

Here are 6 plays that will help your marriage make it to another season:

  1. Prayer first. Pray always- for husband, wife, children, circumstances, situations, and the unforeseen.
  2. Communication is necessary. Without communication your team will be working on different pages and both of you will miss the mark.
  3. Adjustment is key. If the play discussed didn’t score any points scratch it and go back to the whiteboard.
  4. Compromise is required. Sometimes you must pass on how you feel or what you want to avoid fouls.
  5. Forgiveness is essential. Rebounding from a disagreement or a bad decision can only happen with forgiving. Forgiveness is not for your mate it’s for you.
  6. “Let it go”, keeps us together. This is the play of the day. In addition to forgiving you have to let some things go. Trying to win every argument or get your way in every situation is not a characteristic of team work. Sometimes you just have to “take one for the team.”

As for me, I am enjoying spending my life with my husband. I know the hard work will continue as we continue to grow together and make memories to last a lifetime. Team Murray.

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