Dear, Deadbeat Dad
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Dear, Deadbeat Dad


Dear dad,

Yes, I know I was supposed to use a capital d, but you do not have significance in my life. I’m older now and I know what a deadbeat parent means. No, my Mother is not scorned. She has never said a negative word about you in my presence, I have formed my own opinion of you. The fact of your absence qualifies you as a deadbeat. The lack of financial support grants you the title- Deadbeat dad. There is a list of questions that a deadbeat dad wonders about, here are the answers.


  1. I look like my Mother and when people see us together they are amazed at the resemblance.
  2. I play several different sports.
  3. My mother worked hard and was able to provide our first home which was built from the ground up and I helped choose its design.
  4. I am alive and well and coping with your absences the best way that I know how.
  5. I eat well and I know how to cook.
  6. I’m clothed. You should also know that with every growth spurt my Mother makes sure my clothes and shoes fit.
  7. I am a straight A student. My Mother makes sure I study every night and she is active in my school.
  8. I am a positive influence. I’m athletic and involved with several extracurricular activities. My peers look up to me.
  9. My Mother makes sure I look presentable at all times. My hair is always done.
  10. You neglected me. You are a deadbeat in my opinion. You abandoned me. You never call, write, or visit. Every birthday I celebrate and every holiday especially Father’s Day, I secretly wait for you to reach out to me. But year after year,I’m let down. Just like the day you were supposed to pick me up and you never showed. Every award ceremony, every game, I look in the audience to see your face. I’m grateful that I always see my Mother’s face as she cheers me on. I don’t know how you live each day without knowing the status of my life, but I will continue to grow and be strong. With my Mother by my side I will be all that God created me to be. One last thing dad, Do you love me?
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