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Best Seller

Dear Supporters,

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. The outpouring of your support by purchasing Daddy, Do You Love Me? sharing posts on social media, and the traditional word-of-mouth promoting has been awesome. I am so grateful to have friends and family like you to support me and my first book.

I recall a conversation I had as a Junior in high school. I was talking to a classmate about my future. I remember saying “remember my name because it will be up in lights like n-i-n-e.” Granted I borrowed the line from rapper NINE, but it was at that moment I knew people would remember me by my works. I was not quite sure in what fashion my name would become popular, but I knew it would.

A little black girl from a small town, Orangeburg, SC. I was raised in a two parent home and given everything I needed to thrive. I was often picked on because of my dark skin and thick hair. It resulted in low self-esteem during my senior year in high school and carried over into my early college years. Yet, if I was asked about my future I quoted “remember me because my name will be up in lights like n-i-n-e.” I believed in myself.

Fast forward to my current status in life. I am married, employed, a mother, executive director and founder of a non-profit organization, recommended speaker, certified facilitator, and now published author.

The road to being published was not easy and I did not take any shortcuts. I researched, followed the Holy Spirit and wrote from my heart. When the thoughts would not flow I paused my writing but I never gave up. When I skipped days, sometimes weeks from writing, something or someone would remind me of my goal to help young girls cope and heal from the social ills of living without the presence of their biological father. I was destined to share with these girls that God loves them and He will never leave them. I was charged with inspiring girls to accomplish their goals without excuses.

I did it! “I conceived it, believed it, and achieved it,” one of my favorite quotes. I can never say thank you enough for all of your support.

Again, thank you for putting “my name up in lights like n-i-n-e.”

Writing for your soul on purpose,

A. Renee Murray

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